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12 Sep

BOINC workshop day 3

The last day of the workshop started with some talks again but we’ll have some discussions about BOINC later this day.

Carl Christensen (Stanford University): A very interesting project to detect earthquakes with accelerometers build into modern laptops (Quake Catcher Network). A good idea for education that can be used later as an early warning network.

Matt Blumberg (Grid Republic): How to get people solve difficult tasks for your project? That’s a problem Matt tries to solve with his theoretical approach to distributed thinking. How can we get the potential out of large crowds of people doing stuff independently? Matt tries to give some interesting solutions to this but there has to be done more thinking (maybe distributed?).

David Anderson (University of California): The main problem as David said in his speech about the good and bad sides of the evolution of BOINC is the lack of interest from both sides. The university administration and the general public. I also support the campus-level idea of BOINC projects, but there seems to be a bit of resistance at the university administrations. He also presented the new features of BOINC since the last workshop and what has to be done in the near future.

I participated in the discussion for social networks, publicity and recruitment where we agreed that there should be a more profesional PR output from projects with the help from professionals. Another point is to make it easier for participants to install BOINC and run it out-of-the-box.

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