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11 Sep

BOINC workshop 2008 day 1

The day to get to the BOINC workshop started at 2am for me. The flight from Berlin to Lyon was very unspectacular but unfortunately I couldn’t sleep in the airplane. But I had the possibility shortly after at the 1 hour bus ride to Grenoble. After another ride with the tram and bus I arrived at INRIA at 1pm.

I missed the best part of that day (the technical talks) but the introduction to BOSSA and BOLT (both David Anderson) were also interesting. BOINC is going to be more than just distributed computing.

After this last talks a large group of participants met again in the city center of Grenoble and we went to a restaurant. The group divided itself into several dialog groups and separated after dinner into different directions. I ended in a pub with Oliver, Rom and Wayne. Derrik made some photos and I’ll link to them when available.

The talks are also available online as videos.

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