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BOINC placemarks history

This is a short history of the BOINC placemarks kmz file. I’m not going to distribute the old versions, but I’m deploying an URL with the latest data to create a network-link within Google Earth.

Version 6 (05/19/07)
added: QMC@home
added: Leiden Classical
added: Proteins@home
updated: LHC@home (Queen Mary University added)
updated: Predictor@home (typo)
updated: new icons for all locations
Version 5 (08/20/2006)
added: chess960@home
added: Spinhenge@home
added: Tanpaku
added: Rectilinear Crossing Numbers
updated: sorted projects according to BOINC website

Version 4 (02/20/2006)
added: SIMAP@home Placemarks
added: SZTAKI Desktop Grid Placemarks

Version 3 (11/01/2005)
updated: Websites for all Placemarks added (this time realy all)
added: Overlay for LHC-Area (thx to

Version 2 (11/01/2005)
updated: Websites for all Placemarks added
added: Overlay for Arecibo Observatory (thx to Helli from SAH Message Boards)
deleted: some duplicate marks

Version 1 (10/28/2005)
added: Placemarks
added: Einstein@Home Placemarks
added: LHC@Home Placemarks
added: Predictor@Home Placemarks
added: Rosetta@Home Placemarks
added: SETI@Home Placemarks

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