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08 Oct

BOINC and social networks

In a recent German post I wrote down some thoughts about BOINC as a social network and if we should make BOINC more community like or give BOINC the ability to integrate into several well known networks.

This was also a discussion at the BOINC workshop 2008 at Grenoble. At the end we agreed that because of the decentralized nature of the different BOINC projects we cannot build a community around this but we can give others the ability to integrate BOINC in there network.

A good project for this is what Matt Blumberg established. The account manager called You can add projects to your hosts as easy as 1-2-3. There is also a prototype for a facebook application (don’t know if it’s released yet) where a BOINC user can show his contribution and gives an easy way for interested people to create an account.

Another very important aspect of social mechanisms is the communication between the scientists and the participants. This should get better in the future when there are better ways to syndicate information (like RSS Feeds).

To get some more coverage in the Internet I initiated a list on the German post to collect some social networks and existing BOINC groups that where formed in those. So others know about it, join the groups and tell there friends. Here is the list, feel free to mail me or write a comment if you know another community that is not listed here.

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