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01 Sep

6th BOINC workshop London – day 2

After a very delicious lunch at a nice Indian restaurant some of the workshop participants gathered together at a pub and managed to arrive to the second day on time.
This day started with the project presentation of Ibercivis by Fermin Serrano. This is a Spanish-Portuguese initiative that provides a huge BOINC umbrella Project for scientists in those countries. It’s almost like WCG but with a more regional context and funded by universities.
Next speaker was Uwe Beckert who described his way from volunteer to project admin of yoyo@home and RNA@home. The last one will publish a paper about some new things they learned using the volunteers computers soon. Also they gone provide an interface for scientists to submit own tasks to the project.
Daniel Lombrana Gonzalez gave a talk about BOINC and social networks and how he and developed a connection to submit news and status information to social networks like, twitter or facebook. He also shown a glossy brochure that got circulated in Spain and explains what most of the projects are doing and how someone can contribute to it.
The talk from Ad Emmen of the AlmereGrid was geared in almost the same direction. With some others he founded the International Desktop Grid Federation whose goal is to distribute the knowledge around distributed computing through tutorials, information material or financial aid. This is funded by European programs for Grid Computing.
As the last speaker before the coffee break Matt Blumberg presented the a href=””>Progress Thru Processors facebook application. This joint initiative between GridRepublic and Intel was introduced last year and was well received by the audience. Main feature here is the one-step installation of a pre-configured installer.
After another short coffee break the last block of talks started with a presentation by Attila Marosi. He talked about a concept of external validation of BOINC jobs. This is currently tested by the Google Orkut project.
The next project was already presented on the last workshop and introduces interprocess communication between BOINC jobs. Presented by Hien Nguyen the VOLPEX project made some improvements and there already exists a functional prototype. Next goal is to take some measures on how effective this concept is when implemented into BOINC. But it was hotly discussed if such a system has a practical usage.
Following this Zoltan Farka talked about the improvements to the 3G-bridge, an interface to connect different types of computing grids. Main problem of the last year was scalability of the system. If you want to trust the numbers he presented this was successfully solved and must be implemented now.
A hole new concept regarding the usage of computing power and distribution among projects was presented by Derrick Kondo. The idea by Arnaud Legrand uses elements from game theory to compute the optimal usage of available resources. This would effect the current resource share mechanism and credit system rendering both almost needless. This was presented in a good way but it needs to be tested on how this will affect the BOINC community and if it is useful and accepted at all.
Another new concept by Sango Yi was also presented by Derrick shortly after that. A system called Realtime-BOINC should assist projects that have fast jobs (10 seconds per task) to complete the queue as fast as possible.

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