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12 Sep

BOINC workshop day 3

The last day of the workshop started with some talks again but we’ll have some discussions about BOINC later this day. Carl Christensen (Stanford University): A very interesting project to detect earthquakes with accelerometers build into modern laptops (Quake Catcher Network). A good idea for education that can be used later as an early warning […]

11 Sep

BOINC workshop 2008 day 2

We started with a light breakfast and then the talks began. Here is a short summary of the speeches (work in progress): For the titles see the schedule of talks.

11 Sep

BOINC workshop 2008 day 1

The day to get to the BOINC workshop started at 2am for me. The flight from Berlin to Lyon was very unspectacular but unfortunately I couldn’t sleep in the airplane. But I had the possibility shortly after at the 1 hour bus ride to Grenoble. After another ride with the tram and bus I arrived […]

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