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16 Dec

Where do I get BOINC support?

That’s probably a question everyone is going to ask when using BOINC. And here is the ultimate answer to this. A list of several sources where you can find some advice regarding BOINC. But please have in mind that BOINC is only a framework for distributed computing and you always have to attach to a […]

08 Dec

boinc startup script and ubuntu

Zu diesem Artikel existiert auch eine Deutsche Version: ‘BOINC Startskript für Ubuntu‘! UDATE 09/05/02: There is new version available for Ubuntu 9.x with more security and LSB compliant. Please upgrade your own scripts to the new version! UPDATE 08/10/19: I updated the script a little bit. I replaced the none working restart section with a […]

02 Dec

software development – the easy way

If you ever wondered what I’m doing if I’m not trying to set up BOINC projects, here is the answer: I’m coding websites and online shops as a freelancer in my spare time. Till now I’ve stored my code in a local svn repository, which is very risky in my eyes. If my hard drive […]

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