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24 May

Videos related to BOINC

I found some interesting videos about BOINC and some projects on You can start with the tag BOINC and you’ll find lots of blogs and video footage about BOINC and related projects in different languages. Here are some examples: directPR directBlender directRenderFarm

19 May

BOINC placemarks update

I updated the Google Earth BOINC placemarks. Here are the changes: added: QMC@home added: Leiden Classical added: Proteins@home added:ABC@home updated: LHC@home (Queen Mary University added) updated: Predictor@home (typo) updated: new icons for all locations Here is the URL with the latest version. If you have already added this URL as a network link there is […]

15 May

spam-protect your email address

Here is a little trick, to prevent my email address to be harvested by robots. Those spam robots, crawling the web, search for special characters like the ‘@’ sign and try to collect as many email addresses as possible. If your address is in such a pool of collected addresses you will receive many spam […]

12 May

Debian 4.0 image released

Finaly my first image was released this week. This image is a fully BOINC-compatible Debian 4.0 installation. The BOINC source code from 05/01/2007 is already compiled and you just have to follow my ‘How to create a skeletal BOINC test project?‘ instructions. You can also update and compile the code again with the latest version. […]

11 May

Google Earth BOINC placemarks

Some time ago I created a collection of Google Earth placemarks that show the facilities of some of the current BOINC Projects. I created a little website where the link to the KMZ file was deployed. This website will be turned off soon and I’m going to deploy and maintain the KMZ within this blog. […]

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