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Archive for April, 2007

30 Apr

Obstacles during the installation of a BOINC server

Things to have in mind while installing a BOINC server on any linux distribution: After adding a new user you have to check if the home-folder was created. Sometimes it won’t, so you have to manually create it. $ mkdir /home/{username} $ chown {username}:{username} /home/{username} The link /usr/bin/gcc that points to the currently used compiler […]

29 Apr

open-source blog restarted

After several tries with Worpress, Gengo and gettext I gave up. Because of a bug within gettext, that’s the software used by WordPress to show content in different languages, I can’t publish in German and English. It seems that gettext is not compatible with 64bit servers. Until this problem is solved I’m going to blog […]

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